Wednesday, October 28, 2009

new york weekend

Back from my weekend in NY. Sunday was the only sunny day, but it couldn't have been a lovelier day. Visited Storm King Art Center with friends, and had such an awesome time. Getaways always seem too short. And now it's back to real time and struggling with trying to get done what I have to do, so that maybe I can get back to doing what I want to do.( so far I haven't been able to get to that what I want to do bit in too long a time) Not enough hours in the day.

the epic jumping photo at the top was taken by the lovely Miss Amy Pascale


Thursday, October 8, 2009

On things to come

Things are falling in to fall quickly; the winds are picking up, the trees are blushing red, ears burning bright, and the rest are reaching out for the gold.

I've taken up a 4 day work week now, that gives me at least one day I can always dedicate to studio time. My first studio day was a bit rough, hit a rut and I ended up switching gears and working on creating a book of my photography. The book will be printed before December through Blurb. It's mainly for personal use, but a few copies will also be available for purchase.

I'm planning another short trip to the Hudson near the end of the month. The leaves should be peaking for sure by then. I really wont have another chance to get away till at least December. I am so lucky to have this opportunity available to me and I thank my lucky stars everyday for it.

train tracks

Earlier this week I received the very exciting news that I was accepted to be in the audience of this year's TEDxMidAtlantic conference. Only 400 so people will be in the audience and for which I filled out an application that took me over an hour to complete. Their goal in this was to find as passionate and engaged an audience as they had speakers. I am so honored and excited for November 4th. Bonus points : it will be held at MICA and the theme is Stories!

On Saturday, November 14, I will take part in an exciting event at the Windup Space. Which will showcase the work of Dr. Bob Hieronimus and Stuart Zolotorow. Attendees will get to listen in on his personal explanation of the symbolism around us that all point to unity, balance, and connecting within. After his talk Dr. Bob and his assistants (myself included) will create a symbolic mural during the amazing musical performance by, the highly acclaimed band, Telesma. This should be a fun time, check it out if you get a chance.