Sunday, February 21, 2010

I don't live here, I just pretend I do...

While Baltimore was being pummeled in the snow belt, my Hudson Valley friends were hardly seeing a dusting of the frozen precipitation. So, northwards I fled to escape the snow. My trip was short, delayed a day in getting up there, but still just as rewarding and sweet as always.

down river

out on the marsh


The Great White Sea

(from the morning of the 2nd storm)
the great white sea
i woke up this morning to the great white sea out my door
seeing the waves already so high so early in the morning i wanted to cry,
i fell backwards into bed and hopelessly covered my head in blankets
and drifted into the black sea of dreams for another hour
as i started to bail my boat
I saw the hawk ask for passage,
flying into the head winds,
flapping as hard as he could he was held motionless in the air awaiting judgement,
but the wind called it's judgment 'nay'
and sent him reeling backwards in to the great white sea
i see snow!

We broke all the old records and well maybe just this once people had a reason to go a bit bonkers about a bit of snow... Baltimore was hit with 4 feet of snow in less than a week, closed schools for a week and a half, everything was halted and everything still struggles to resume.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Heard it on the news last night

Baltimore is being beaten with snow this year. We don't get snow like this anymore; meaning everyone flipped their lid about it coming... THE SNOWPOCALYPSE or SNOWMAGEDDON...
snowy morning light
I've been asked to participate in the Baltimore Museum of Art's The Baltimore Fair for Contemporary Prints & New Editions. I'll be at the MICA table as an Alumni with prints and drawings. This will be my 2nd time participating at the BMA's print fair. SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, March 27 & Sunday, March 28, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. I will post more details at a later date.
Next weekend I'm going up to the Hudson River for my monthly photography trip. Hopefully the weather cooperates, seeing as how every week we've been getting one or more snow storms...

Stay posted and keep toasty.

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The Drilled Bits

Last weekend I worked on a few new drilled Hudson river rock (and coal) pieces...

triangle, 1, 2,3moon rock
free formgord shaped

I should be starting to get some things into the Etsy Shop soon.

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