Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Bunting I will go, a bunting I will go...

little (but long) birthday bunting for grandma!

This week I took a personal day to keep on pressing on. I got up at 6:30 am and worked till 6:30 pm. It was WONDERFUL! The same day an old friend contacted me about purchasing a drawing. Its a drawing that I've always liked a lot, I'm sad to see it go but know it will be in very good hands. Maybe it was pure coincidence but it also felt like here I was taking the time to do my thing and the universe was rewarding me and telling me to keep on keeping on. I'm going to use the drawing sale to purchase a roof rack for my car so I'm one step closer to realizing my kayak dream*!(when one doesn't live on the water one must have transportation for said boat!* I am trying to fund my entire kayak dream purchase through the sale of my art)

koi flags

This week I've gone to town making buntings and flags. I've had this idea and paper (specifically for it) sitting around for probably about a good 4-5 months but haven't gotten around to sitting down to do it. I'm really pleased with them! A few will be gifts and many of them will be coming to the Etsy store soon.

Bailey Buntings and Fish Flags


Sunday, May 22, 2011

I've officially run out of wall space

I’ve officially run out of wall space in my basement. Which is making it hard to clear the drawing board to start new work. I needed some time off from the two large drawing I was working on decided to do two fast drawings which were only supposed to take a weekend or two. But then I took a weekend or two off of those drawing as well, and so here they finally are.
(Progression 5.5) Luminary
(chop!) tree tops

A few photos of how the drawing progression usually goes. (sorry I forgot to take a photo after the paper staining is done)

Progression 1 Progression 2 Progression 3 Progression 4 Progression 5

I think I could really use few days off to get back into doing some good stuff. Dropped over a hundred dollars on a roll of rives BFK paper a few weeks ago. Get ready for some big stuff come! (if I can find room for it !)

- keep on the sunny side-

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