Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Listings

New Etsy Listing

Hey there, check out 12 new listings in the Etsy Shop!!!

New Etsy Listings

I love making art, but I dread the posting and listing process. Sometimes it feels rather defeating when I think about the process...

New Etsy Listings

It takes an absolute minimum of a full day (but usually a full day and a half or a full two days of working) to photograph items, edit photos/ scale them for the web, write listings, figure out pricing and mailing, and post the actual listings on Etsy, then make announcement posts on Facebook, Flickr, and Blogger about said new items. And then everyone involved (Pay Pal, Etsy, Square, etc...) takes their cut, a 3-6% each for each sale made. I suppose this is why people hire agents or sign up with a gallery (and yet these guys and gals take an even bigger chunk, more like 30-60%). But everyone's gotta make a buck, and without the Pay Pals, the Etsy, and the Square Ups of the world it'd be even harder to get my work out there and get paid. So I suppose I am stuck in the cycle.


New Etsy Listings

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