Friday, July 29, 2011


Gee wiz I can't believe we are bordering on August here already, it has gone by so fast. Sometimes I feel so harried that I feel as though the summer hasn't even started yet its almost over! The official school year ended mid June for the children but I've been plugging away at the school office a little bit each week. I've been house and roommate hunting (unsuccessfully) since the end of the school year. Also trying to get back into better shape so the pup and I have been spending a good amount of time walking. And mostly I've been busy with my summer project of fixing my neck/spine, yeah.... old lady problems at the ripe age of 25.

my janky neck what my neck should look like
This is my neck (left) compared to what it should look like (right)

Here's the story on that... Shortly before the end of the school year I went in for an xray and some chiropractic adjustments. I'd been having crazy headaches, neck and upper back pain for a few months, my acupuncture was subduing them immediately but not for the few weeks in between my monthly sessions. I thought I'd just need 1-5 sessions to pop everything back into place and I'd be good as new, I really wasn't ready for what they had to show me... Basically my head was sticking way far out in front of the rest of my spine looking more like a backslash \ than the shallow ideal C which allows the weight of your skull to balance properly and efficiently over top of your shoulders and spine. Instead my head was a full 21 cm or 8 inches out of place! I'd lost 63% of curve in my neck. I fell off a lot of horses when I was younger (its a part of the sport, learning to dust ones self off,get back on, and carry on), I have terrible posture since I stopped riding (I'm not longer being judged on my "position" and lost a lot of those awesome core muscles), I spend too much time at the desk, I spend too much time hunched over a computer and or laptop, I have large "objects" attached to my chest, and they all multiplied on one another. I was having these fog inducing headaches more days than not that would leave me useless by mid afternoon or evening, sometimes I wanted to throw up, my back and neck hurt so bad I kept wanting to "stab it with a fork" as if that would some how fix or distract me from it. I've had mild to moderate back aches and pains for many many years that it just seemed like my "normal", I have a fairly high pain tolerance, and mostly I was just so used to it it didn't even register as something is wrong with me or that THIS IS NOT NORMAL. So I was really shocked when they told me that yeah pretty much you've already started to do a little damage and we can't reverse the damage, but we can put you back into the proper positions so that you don't continue to hurt yourself. I cried when I saw my xrays, visions of my grandfather whose shoulders were higher than his ears flashed in my head; and I resolved right there to fix my neck to the tune of an estimated 65 visits and $1,800 (after insurance pays out their part). It stings a bit, particularly since I've been trying to save up to move back to the city and my summer work pays pennies... But my health is really important to me and I'm committed to fixing myself up right (no pun intended). Now I'm almost mid way in my treatments and in a few weeks I can get another xray to see the progress I've made and determine how and if things should change in treatment. I have to say that I've only had about 3 headaches in over a month. Where as I used to be lucky if I had 3 days free of headaches a the course of a week! I'm feeling VASTLY better, and really excited to see my 2nd set of xrays.

Glossed Glossed

I've mostly been shuttling myself back and forth between morning visits with the chiropractor (4 days a week!), the office(work), errands, house/housemate searching ( which has not been going well), and hiking/walking with the dog everyday. The writing bug has been crawling around inside of me again but I haven't really settled in with it or decided the best way to get it all out. I took a trip last weekend to Albany NY which then also included stops in Bennington VT (for breakfast!), North Adams MA (for the art museum MASS MoCA), and Cornwall-on-Hudson NY (how could I not stop in my favorite town), it was a whirlwind of fun. It was too hot to lug a camera around so I only have photos on my phone.

IMG_1611 Glossed

Art making has mostly been slow the exception of some painting projects. I started off on my bike painting project with the intent that it was going to be a really simple paint job. But once I started I got kind of carried away and ended up doing 5 colors plus gloss in a koi pattern. A lot of people asked me why I was painting my bike, I didn't really have a good answer other than 'why not?' and that I wanted to learn more about my bike. There are at least two layers of each color and long dry times in between. I'm still struggling with getting the gearing and braking together. Afterwards, I liked my bike paint job so much I painted my mail box in a very similar theme but with a black base!

Mailbox right side Mailbox left side

This is what my bike used to look like:
my new horse
...not bad, but nothing special just the color my size (women's XS) came in.

Life's been good besides the janky neck. I know I need to post some new stuff in the Etsy shop. Now would be a really great time to purchase something if you've been holding off...