Saturday, December 3, 2011

Getting into the "Lab"

Recent projects....

Thanks to Thanksgiving, for giving me the day to work on this new drawing.
almost done... 

for Halloween I made this Narwhal mask, but never got a chance to wear it out.

This year I used paper bags and paint to make the mask instead of paper bags and Sharpie marker like last year.


New in the shop

custom pet portrait

Last month in the shop I announced a new service of creating petite custom pet portraits and gift certificates that can be given to friends and loved ones who can then supply me with their favorite photos of their pet and I can create the portrait.

very petite sumi ink drawingpetite works on paper
I also began offering "Petite Prints and Paintings" which are small works at fractional costs which are quick or small precursors to larger works. Check out more petites in the shop:

Please consider having a handmade holiday this year. By either my making things yourself or supporting your community by purchasing handmade goods from artists, crafters, and small businesses you can make the world a brighter place.