Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mail Call

At the end of January I decided to take a challenge to send mail everyday (that the post is in service) for the month of February. I'd say that I probably usually send more mail than the average person in the US (even with doing my bills online). I really like sending mail. Even for me, this was a still a big challenge. I found that in the day time I was at work and didn't have time to make mail, write letters, draw envelopes, or put together packages. So I would usually end up doing this at night and send it the next day. I had an arsenal of stamps (thanks USPS online shop!) that I tried to sort of match the stamp for the recipient like a steamy Gregory Peck for my lady friends, Pixar character for the little kids and so on. After the first week or two I quickly got behind, so I changed my rules to sending an equal amount of letters (to postal days) by the end of the week so my weekends were spent putting together little packets of sunshine. I found this worked best for me and I often went over my number of letters that were supposed to go out for the week.

I think in total for the month of February I sent 36 pieces of mail. I tried to document both what I made and sent (I didn't keep up with that as good as I should have) and what I received in the mail. We are now in March, and I'd say I am still sending about 1-3 pieces of mail a week still. I really got into drawing envelopes, I am thinking this might happen on a grander and more thought out scale eventually. And one day I found a bag of googly eyes, and this amused me more than it probably should for a 26 year old adult. Sometimes I am easily amused.

Here are a few pieces of mail....

Let's Yak  Let's Yak
front and back of one of my favorite envelopes I drew (and it even made it through the INTERNATIONAL POSTAL SYSTEM which was the most shocking part)
Happy Mail Project ok, so its my favorite 
This was probably my favorite envelope.

,Hon  It's been a long time It's been a long time, Hon
I haven't sent this one yet, but I think it'll be great. The return address will go on the girl's bow and the address between her eyes.

Happy Mail Project  You've got mail  Happy Mail Project
Some quiet encouragement.

Happy Mail Project Happy Mail Project
Gone fishing, the address goes on the back of the bear.

Happy Mail Project Happy Mail Project Happy V day!   making cards, fun times
Happy Valentines and what not, you know just the usual unicorns and dogs riding oriole birds type of greeting...

Here's looking at you Kid  Happy Mail Project  Happy Mail Project Enclosed Dog Portrait

Some good things in small packages.

Happy Mail Project Happy Mail Project Happy Mail Project
Clear envelopes... my mail man laughed at me when I asked him if he thought they'd make it through and his face said "no" but he only said "maybe". They arrived and were well received in a few days time.

Pony Express postcard   Happy Mail Project  postcard mashups  Jake and down by the Tressel
Sent a lot of postcards, and made some mashups of my own postcards.

Happy Mail Project   Sending a crossword book for 
Grandma  Treats for Roz in FL
Sent some care packages to my grandparents.

Happy Mail Project  Happy Mail Project Happy Mail Project Happy Mail Project  I got a treasure chest in the mail! 
  ok so it wasnt mailed
Got some cool mail too, including a wood box that I've started storing my envelopes in.



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