Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Project Furniture

Project: re-upholstery of footstool
picked up for 8$
This is the hair pin legged foot stool I found at the GBMC Nearly New Sale this spring.
Do over!
To which someone else did either a shoddy "make-over" or was cobbled together willy-nilly. Either way the only things original are the legs and the zig-zag springs (though not installed in the typical fashion so I think these were put together at a later date).

Current Status: Incomplete: Stripped down to wood and legs and zig-zag springs, springs hand tied together to prevent separation, "frame" sprayed black, trying to decide what end look I want- I'm thinking probably leather or hide of sorts.
Cost: $8 for foot stool so far.

Project: steel table refinish
I found a table on my way to the bar Walking home with my table balanced on my head
I found this table on my way to the bar, a scrapper was clearing out a local college renovation and when I expressed interest what he was up to and in the tables (there was a pile of them) he said I could take them if I wanted... But being that I was walking, I only took one.
Score free table!
Decent condition a few small bumps and dents and a few glops of painting medium but otherwise nice. Simple design, not overly heavy, and unobtrusive grey.

Current Status: In hiatus: AKA I ended up needing a small table in my bedroom and this was handy, so now it has stuff on top of it... so it's moved down on the list of things to do. This will be an easy project though, just needs a stripping of the artist gunk on it and a quick repaint and seal. Good as new.
Cost: Free so far!

Project: re-strapping vinyl
new vinyl samples
This chair belonged to my Grandpa, and lived on my patio for probably longer than I am old, I was the only one who liked it... so I took it to the city with me!
new vinyl samples
Just this  year some of the straps started to break and I decided to investigate how to fix it up.

Current Status: Incomplete: Removed broken straps, saved hardware, ordered color samples of strapping, decided to keep original color scheme of alternating off white and dark green, ordered strapping, awaiting arrival of supplies.
Cost: $43 for strapping, extra hardware, gloves, and shipping.

Project: refinishing wood
Yeah I still haven't finished stripping this table and re-staining it...

Current Status: Incomplete: I only finished stripping about half of this table and then abandoned it. Its still useable but is wide open to damage. I should probably finish it....
Cost: $5( to$10? somewhere in that range) for table.

Project: door turned into to printing table
Current Status: Incomplete: Sorry, no pics yet... Super-duper-heavy old wooden door put up on saw horses. The thought is to cover at least half the door with a piece of sheet metal and 1 set hinge clamps for a screen printing table.
Cost: $35 for door, and two saw horses (Thank you Sparks Studio!) so far.

Project: tree stump turned into foot stool/ end table/ thing
sanded stum

min waxed stump

in situ

 Current Status:COMPLETE! Cleaned and hand sanded stump, then MinWaxed, and air cured.
 Cost: FREE! (stump was in back yard and my dad had lots of sand paper and old cans of MinWax)
 I love stumpy.



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