Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Studio Spring / Early Summer pic post

Bailey is obsessed with the birds
Bailey loves our new digs and really LOVES the flock of pigeons that belong to our neighbor. I'm pretty sure she spends all day in the window when I'm not home.

Studio windows Basement on up New studio space...
New studio space is a bit of a work in progress, but there is much potential! 

 The Charlie Brown rug
I made this canvas rug/floor cloth one weekend just  for the heck of it out of some leftovers. It wasn't until a few days later that I found out they are a real thing, like people actually make them, and they even used to be quiet popular for a while. I ended up making a mini Bailey sized one.
the Bailey mini rug (in progress)
this is an in progress shot of Bailey's rug

Tiger, tiger, burning bright
And then I started thinking about those Tibetan Tiger rugs I'm in love with and decided to make my own version...
I cam upon a tiger in the kitchen Canvas rugs 
The rugs are finished but need to be coated still in poly urethane (so I'm told) before actual use as rugs. 

lil ink washes
Been drawing a lot of dogs, Bailey mostly since I spend the most time with her. 

 I feel like there's more. I've been pretty terrible at documenting and uploading stuff lately.

Also this week is the last week in the shop to buy any 2 drawings or prints and get an extra drawing or print of a similar nature included for for free in your package! Sale ends on July 1.



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