Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow Day, Catching Up

snow day miss matched
Well, we finally got a bit of snow this season. Not much, more than anything it was wet and icy; but it is a good excuse to stay inside and catch up on things. Yesterday I got my geek on and upgraded my machines installing new RAM (6GB in each, zoom zoom!) and updating to OS X Lion.
Things are mostly the same on the drawing board, they haven't changed dramatically.

Studio Updates Studio Updates 

But as of very recently I got in my head that some things would look better with a bit of embroidery on them. So I've started teaching myself how to embroider with the help of You Tube. I love the internet! Not too bad for just winging it freehand for the first time... 

teaching myself to embroider

 And I recently took a trip to visit my Grandparents and help them out a bit (more so than I initially thought).
grandpa on the phone with Comcast

Here are a few pet portraits I did over the holiday season, which I couldn't share until they made their way to their respective recipients.
Pete ink wash Gift certificate Shelby

And then here is some stuff from the sketchbook this fall...

chickensone of my favorite chickens
featherless chicken on an egg montessori hen on an egg birfday card sad featherless chicken full monty monte rooster loafers and boots BLOCKHEAD  drawing manatee Townhorse emblem desgin ideas Townhorse emblem desgin ideas

Townhorse emblem desgin ideas sad narwhal
unicorn giraffe cyclist bailey dog
'nuff said OhBoh! takeout container